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Sun Updates MySQL Carrier-Grade Clustered Database

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| These three parts of the market--telcos, NEPs, and service providers--are
| still a key driver of sales at Sun, thanks in large measure to the popularity
| of Solaris among these companies, not the least of which because it is a
| rugged, nearly real-time implementation of Unix that still has some features
| that stock Linux does not. Applications and databases drive platform choices,
| as they have from the beginning of the computer business, and are one of the
| reasons why Sun shelled out $1 billion in cash to acquire open source
| database management system maker MySQL in January of this year. The
| combination of Solaris and MySQL--particularly the carrier-grade extensions
| of MySQL--allow Sun to protect a market that Linux players want to take over.


What happened to the promise, Mickos?

Rumor: Sun Setting for Sun’s CEO?

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| The VAR Guy picked up the phone and dialed Sun Microsystems Inc.’s investor
| relations department. When the call went to voicemail, he left this
| message: “Are the rumors true? Is Sun seeking to replace CEO Jonathan
| Schwartz?” Here’s more on the rumor, and The VAR Guy’s depressing reaction to
| it.
| [...]
| (Update July 10: Sun sent Nine Lives Media Inc. — thevarguy.com’s parent– an
| email statement indicating that the company had “no comment.”)



MySQL chief to users: Don't expect big disruptions post-Sun

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| Are you hoping to try to sell more into what's been Oracle's turf?
| Mickos: We always say that we're not trying to eat Oracle's lunch. We're
| trying to eat their dessert.


Sun promises agenda-free MySQL development agenda

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| MySQL owners past and present opened the annual user's conference to
| re-assure them Sun Microsystems has no hidden agenda for the open source
| database.

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