Hadron wrote:
> "Phil Da Lick!" writes:
>> derived from patent protection for a little guy is more than offset by
>> the negative aspect of barrier to entry inherent in the patent arsenals
>> of the big boys. Kind of defeats the purpose. But hell, as long as your
>> investment is protected we don't care about that do we?

> I'm sure something there makes sense to you. Almost High Plains
> Hypocrite 'esque again. Strange!

Yes it is strange, LOL! Another case of illiteracy! So Hadron still
thinks I'm Phil Da Lick!

What idiocy! Such entertainment! Slurp! Time for popcorn and soft drink!


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Not unstable. And I use it for a reason - Debian Stable is simply too
buggy and backward and I cant be arsed to manage pinning or selectively
monitoring backports.