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Acacia Subsidiary Enters into License Agreement with Smith Micro

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| Acacia Research Corporation announced today that its Disc Link Corporation
| subsidiary has entered into a license agreement with Smith Micro Software,
| Inc. covering patents relating to portable storage devices with links. The
| portable storage devices with links technology generally relates to products
| sold or distributed on CDs or DVDs that include a link to retrieve additional
| data via the Internet.


The USPTO and ISO should both be shut down. They are like cheap brothels for
monopolies and/or lawyers.


What’s Wrong with Software Patents?

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| Surveys regularly find that computer programmers are opposed to patents on
| software by a wide margin. In what other field is the class of inventors so
| opposed to patents?


Business bookshelf: Patent system hinders innovation

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| The U.S. patent system is not working. It stands accused on all sides of
| stifling innovation instead of nurturing it. Some critics say the system is
| fundamentally wrecked, others that it can be fixed.
| In this new book, "Patent Failure: How Judges, Bureaucrats, and Lawyers Put
| Innovation at Risk," economist James Bessen and law academic Michael Meurer
| show that the system no longer provides predictable property rights. They go
| on to offer solutions based on empirical evidence from history, law and
| economics.
| [...]
| While making these criticisms, however, the authors ignore that the fault may
| lie with the appointment of judges who are unfamiliar with patents to hear
| patent trials.

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