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"Piggybacking" and the open-source trademark issue

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| Rosetta Stone's trademark lawsuit against a competitor brought to mind the
| simmering issue of trademark violations in open source. One of the
| opportunities and challenges in open source is that presumably anyone can be
| an expert in Project X, Y, or Z. Because of this dispersed expertise, the
| opportunity to run afoul of trademark violations is rife.



Microsoft's non-open source attempt at open source

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| Yet as Sandcastle demonstrates, Microsoft still has a long ways to go before
| it demonstrates that it understands and is willing to stand behind the
| obligations of open source. The Sandcastle project went live on January 8.
| Several months later, it still isn't providing source code, a key tenet of
| the CodePlex hosting requirements
| [...]
| Microsoft built CodePlex. It can do with it what it wants. But what it can't
| do is borrow the term "open source" for marketing purposes and then fail to
| live up to the Open Source Definition. I thought the company understood that.
| Sandcastle makes me wonder....
| So, Microsoft, your options are clear: 1) Request the site owner to provide
| source code or 2) Properly label CodePlex as a code repository, but not
| necessarily as an open-source code repository.


Microsoft’s deceptive advertising, again.

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| Does Microsoft think we the Linux and Open Source user base are just a bunch
| of morons? In the latest advertising campaign of the closed sourced software
| giant that’s exactly what they are hoping for. Go ahead and check out for
| yourself. At http://www.microsoft.com/opensource they try to make it look
| like they are all for Open source software. They even have what they call the
| Hero Pack, fill out a form and they will send you a pack of “open source”
| tools that will help you become an “Open Source Hero”. What a giant load of
| crap how does “evaluation copies” of server 2008 and Visual Studio rank as
| open source software. They are so cheap it’s not even full versions (like I’d
| use it if it was).

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