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Developing Open-Source Business Policies That Work: Everyone Is Making It Up As
They Go Along

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| We know your company uses open-source applications. We also know many of you
| already have an open-source policy. Sort of. As CIO.com discovered when
| researching the adoption of open-source in enterprise IT, a quarter of
| respondents have a formal policy in place to control how such software is
| chosen, supported and deployed. Another 18 percent expected to adopt such a
| policy in the next 12 months. But those who have some kind of policy aren't
| necessarily thrilled with it; just 45 percent said their policies are very
| effective.
| "Somewhat effective" policies are like "somewhat effective" security;
| clearly, there's more to be learned.


Italian lawyers use open source software to move online

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| Just a few years ago, getting complex legal assistance from a lawyer you
| never met in person would have been unthinkable. Today, however, many people
| carry on relationships online; why not conduct business with your lawyer
| online as well? One Italian firm already works this way, using open source
| software as much as it can.



IT Leaders Encouraged to Contribute Enterprise Code to Open-Source Projects

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| Open source is no longer a novelty, even within the largest corporations.
| Today, 53 percent of businesses use open-source software, according to a
| recent CIO.com survey. However, not enough of those businesses are
| contributing code back to the open-source community, said Jim Whitehurst,
| president and CEO of Red Hat, at the Red Hat Summit. And such contributions
| would benefit the enterprise even more than it would the development
| community, he explained.

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