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Plat'Home launches coffee-cup-sized Linux network box

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| Plat'Home, a Linux company from Japan that specializes in combining
| eco-friendly, small, tough hardware with their own version of Linux, is
| announcing another in their series of MicroServers. Kanshi BlockS Pro, made
| to monitor servers and various network applications, is now available in
| North America.



Open source in Japan: Q&A with the President of Plat'Home

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| * * ...ultimately, I believe the opportunity for Linux expanding into a
| * * wide range of devices, including, of course, entertainment devices like
| * * set-top boxes, cell phones, and other mobile devices, radically dwarfs
| * * the opportunity for broadcast entertainment. Even today, when you search,
| * * when you make a phone call, when you do online banking, you're using
| * * Linux. And it's only the beginning. I wanted to be a part of that.
| Asay: Plat'Home started selling Linux in Japan in 1993. That's really early
| days. Why Linux?
| * * Suzuki: Linux is powerful, in a lot of ways, especially for what it
| * * doesn't do. Let me explain. It's possible to deliver more computing
| * * power -- that is, more functionality and more stability -- into a wide
| * * range of devices, especially small ones. Its small footprint was very
| * * appealing. This was already apparent even from early on. Basically, we
| * * saw it as having the potential to get very sophisticated software into
| * * the hands of users. No compromises.


OpenMicroServer: Tiny Footprint Linux Server

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| I saw an announcement that the OpenMicroServer (OMS) is now available in the
| U.S. It has been produced in Japan for some time but has just been made
| available domestically. What’s cool about it is that it is small *and can be
| powered from an Ethernet port. It reminded me of the BlackDog USB Server that
| made a splash a couple years back.The little OMS only measures 9” x 4” x 1.3′
| It’s officially supported for Debian (Etch) and NetBSD. Plat’Home also
| maintains their own OS SSD/Linux which is a combination of Linux and BSD
| code. I love little gadgets like these and try to figure out some innovative
| ways to use them. * * * *



Linux on half of all new servers? Red Hat's got plans

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| The Amazon partnership is part of Red Hat's Linux Automation initiative to
| make it easier for companies to deploy Linux applications. With it, Red Hat
| will have its version of Linux powering over half of the world's new servers
| by 2015 while doubling its current market share, says Scott Crenshaw, Red
| Hat's VP of enterprise Linux business. * *

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