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IBM and Linden Lab Interoperability Announcement

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| This is a historic day for Second Life, and for virtual worlds in general.
| IBM and Linden Lab have announced that research teams from the two companies
| successfully teleported avatars from the Second Life Preview Grid into a
| virtual world running on an OpenSim server, marking the first time an avatar
| has moved from one virtual world to another.
| [...]
| An open standard for interoperability based on the Open Grid Protocol would
| allow users to cross freely from one world to another, just as they can go
| from one Web site to another on the Internet today.


GPL on both ends, runs well on Linux. Stupid Google on the other hand:

Beyond Second Life: Virtual Worlds' Second Wind

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| Moreover, Google seems to have shot itself in the foot by requiring Lively
| users (Liveliers? Livelivers??) to be running Windows XP or Vista. It can
| hardly be beyond the wit of the massed Google geniuses to come up with a
| cross-platform solution that runs on GNU/Linux and the Mac as well. Maybe
| this focus on Windows reflects the kind of user they expect to get excited
| about creating an avatar (wow!) and chatting with friends in rooms you design
| (far out, man!). It's hard not to see Lively as another Orkut, Google's
| me-too social network that nobody outside members of certain Brazilian
| subcultures seems to use these days.



Semantic Wonderland

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| Among the most impressive demos at JavaOne was the open sourced
| Project Wonderland which James Gosling presented during his Toy
| show. It is a virtual world that grew out of project Looking Glass,
| the 2.5D Java Desktop that was unveiled a couple of years ago.
| [...]
| Apparently one gets the best out of wonderland by running it on Linux,
| as one can then interact with real X applications.


Watch out Second Life: China launches virtual universe with seven million

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| Second Life's supporters claim it has three "killer" applications.
| First, unlike the internet, it has a system for micropayments using
| its own currency, Linden dollars, which are convertible into real
| dollars. Second, unlike other virtual worlds such as the massively
| popular World of Warcraft, it lets residents keep the intellectual
| property rights to what they create. Third, its owner, Linden Lab,
| recently welcomed the "open source" movement, allowing anyone
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| qualified to create their own applications whether games,e
| ducation or business projects.

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