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Breaking the Camel’s Back

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| Major OEM makes notebooks and preloads them with Windows, but does NOT
| activate them. The notebook has one price and a sealed envelope with the OEM
| Windows Key Sticker, backup CDs, etc. has a different price.
| If the user wants to buy Windows for the notebook, they just pay the extra $
| for the envelope too and when they first bootup the machine they enter the
| code and affix the sticker as per the EULA.
| Oh wait, what’s that other stack of disks next to the Windows envelopes?
| Ubuntu Linux disks? What’s that you say; they’re FREE? And Ubuntu can do
| pretty much everything Windows can and a few things it can’t? And if I don’t
| like it I can come back next week and still buy the OEM Windows disks? Hmm…


Weeks ago:

Windows Price Ruling Not Enough, Says French Consumer Group

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| A French electronics retailer must display separately the price of computers
| and of the software bundled with them, a Paris court ruled Tuesday. It
| stopped short of ordering the retailer to sell computers without bundled
| operating system software, however.
| [...]
| The ruling will give little comfort to those wanting to buy a PC on which to
| run Linux: they will still have to pay for Windows, although they will at
| least know exactly how much they had to pay for it.



French court orders Windows refund

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| In France, it is illegal to bundle software and to refuse to reimburse the
| customer for unwanted licences, under Article L.122-1 of the French Consumer
| Code. The Tribunal de Grande Instance ruled that offering an expensive refund
| option was tantamount to offering no refund option at all, hence finding for
| the consumer and requiring that Asus stump up. * *


French police deal blow to Microsoft

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| The French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft
| for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest
| administrations in the world to make the break. *


French consumer protectionists are demanding PCs without preinstalled

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| The consumer protectionists of the French organization UFC-Que Choisir
| are demanding of the IT group Hewlett-Packard and the vendors Auchan
| and Darty that they offer PCs without preinstalled software.
| [...]
| UFC-Que Choisir last year also took action against Sony and Apple,
| taking the two companies to court for allegedly putting their
| customers at a disadvantage through proprietary DRM technologies
| and curtailing their choice of devices.


French consumer group attacks PC software bundling

,----[ Quote ]
| UFC-Que Choisir legal officer Sandra Wouhling said current
| practice effectively forced ordinary consumers to buy computers
| using Microsoft operating systems whereas companies anda
| dministrations were offered a real choice.

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