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Maemo 4.1 bring mail and packaging improvements to Nokia's Linux-based tablets

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| Since Maemo's inception, the team at Nokia has slowly replaced closed
| components with free software alternatives, has made it easier for users to
| install "unapproved" applications, has opened up shell and root access, and
| now is making the system upgrade process function like a traditional desktop
| distro, not a cell phone. With all of the recent acquisitions Nokia has made
| in both the open source and handheld device realm, it will be interesting to
| see where it takes Maemo from here.



Nokia: Open source developers should play by our rules

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| Tellingly, Jaaski expressed some disappointment with Nokia's Maemo
| experiment. "The community had already gone in a different direction than
| [us], and no one was pushing it other than [us]," he said at the Handsets
| World conference. In other words, Nokia's tools hadn't leapfrogged the open
| source tools; instead, the open source community leapfrogged Nokia.
| [...]
| Nokia could be following Google's example. Instead, it has allowed itself to
| be bogged down by notions inherited from a computing model that's rapidly
| becoming outdated. As Jaaski himself admitted, "As an industry, we plan to
| use open source technologies, but we are not yet ready to play by the rules."
| Most of us call that cheating.


Nokia does not get it

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| You better start playing by the rules because else the other companies might
| do it faster than Nokia and you will lose the opportunity. Oh: And just as a
| remind: when you go open source, you must play by the rules by honoring the
| license of the software.
| Really, it’s sad to listen to things like this from someone controlling the
| company who owns Trolltech Â*I am sure that the vice-president of companies
| like Red Hat wouldn’t say nonsense like the above. But it’s no surprise
| coming from someone in a company that seems to be absolutely in favor of
| software patents in Europe according to FFII.


Ari Jaaksi of Nokia Wants to Educate the Linux Community

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| But perhaps the community has some education for Jaaksi and Nokia. Jaaksi
| hosted me at a Nokia dinner in 2000, he's a nice guy and has been interested
| in Linux for a long time. But Nokia's barking up the wrong tree this time,
| because Nokia can do everything it wants with DRM, IPR, and SIM locks without
| bothering the Linux developers about it - and both Nokia and the Linux
| developers will like it better that way. It's surprising that Nokia doesn't
| understand that at this late date.


Can we advance open source by sacrificing software freedom?

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| Another point that is missing from this debate is the part that is played by
| end users. Regardless of how Nokia and open source software developers view
| restrictive business practices, it is pressure from the consumer that will
| eventually make such practices untenable. Regular users are increasingly
| fighting back as they become aware of the hidden costs built into locks and
| DRM. These mechanisms are easily circumventable, and they cease to stay
| relevant when they are repeatedly cracked.

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