raylopez99 wrote:
> On Jul 9, 10:20 am, TJ wrote:

>> However, if the user of this system has never used
>> anything but Windows for years, and if he'd balk at replacing the hard
>> drive, he'd also balk at changing operating systems. He doesn't sound
>> like the type to go through the learning curve necessary to converting
>> to a stripped-down Linux from Windows would require.

> I don't understand. You seem to confuse the user (a n00b) with me,
> the installer. I don't use c rap ware like Linux, but I am intimately
> familiar with PCs (both programming, as you can tell from my other
> posts, and having build a number of systems from scratch, including
> having NT and RedHat 5 dual booted about 10 years ago).
>> Also, if you're looking for a distro with an installer that will
>> automatically tailer itself to such old hardware without intervention by
>> the installing operator, you probably won't find it, any more than you
>> would find a version of Vista that would do the same. There is little
>> demand for such an installer, so it won't be written.

> much sir! This is gold and music to my ears. Now THAT's an honest
> answer. I really appreciate it. For the rest of you reading this,
> I'd like a confirmation (please) of this fact, as I expected it to be
> true. That is, that installing any of these distros on this old
> hardware will be a nightmare, since the installer is configured for a
> typical "modern" machine. Please confirm.

Too bad I didn't read this twaddle before trying to help this birdbrain
in the "sixth time" thread. I'd have saved myself some grief. The "crap
ware" reference is especially telling. The above response twisted my
words into something far different than what I meant. I hope most people
reading this thread know that. In no way do I think installing any Linux
distro on the old hardware he described would be a "nightmare." I only
meant he probably couldn't just sit there and watch it happen by itself.
And, if his fictitious "n00b" was real my comments about him in the
first paragraph above would probably be spot-on, especially if said
"n00b" is seeking advice from the birdbrain. I wavered a bit in the
other thread, but now I return to stand by my ending paragraph:

>> You, and the user of this system, would be better off if you just do a
>> fresh, clean install of Windows 2000.
>> TJ