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Using the Desktop…why?

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| In Openbox, I’d need an extra program just to add icons to the desktop, but I
| don’t. I don’t have a “QuickLaunch bar” either. Why should I? I have the
| menu, and maybe ten keyboard combinations that open my favorite applications.
| I have a panel at the bottom, but I noticed I don’t use it to navigate
| between my open windows…it’s only there so I know what applications I’ve
| already opened.
| [...]
| There’s another problem with using the desktop as a place where you store
| files: every time you open a program (as computer users tend to do
| sometimes), you hide them all. I guess that’s why the “Show Desktop” function
| was invented…so you can open even more windows, which will instantly hide
| your icons again.



no more desktop icons in 4.1

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| Well, we now have a folder view applet courtesy of Frederik Höglund. It can
| view any folder you want, including the desktop folder. You can also set a
| filter, making it possible to, for instance, view just images or whatever. It
| uses KIO so you can view remote folders as well. You can drag items to and
| from it, delete files, scroll, etc. It lines everything up in a nice grid and
| uses the same drawing routines that Dolphin, Konqueror, KRunner and others
| use from kdelibs for the icons.


Movies about KDE 4.1 Alpha

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| Jos Poortvliet present some movies, which show some new features in KDE 4.1,
| especially in Plasma, Kwin, Dolphin, Gweniview and some other applications.
| This movies show imposingly the proceedings of KDE 4.1

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