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Evolution, Linux, and Gentoo

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| I'll start at the end by telling you that I'll finish this with a discussion
| of my “Distro of Choice”, Gentoo. But before we get there .....
| It royally annoys me when people say that Linux is too hard to learn!
| Admittedly, Linux is probably insurmountable for some people, in the same
| manner that learning Psychology would be insurmountable for me. Not everyone
| has an interest or talent in computers and their software. However, the
| statement that began this paragraph has been used to categorize computer
| users in general. I don't have a particularly strong computer background, but
| I do have an avid interest in them, so I figure that if I can do it, anyone
| with a modicum of talent and interest in computers can learn Linux if they
| want to.


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Why Is So Hard for Windows Users to Understand That Linux Is Not Windows

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| This is just a rant (hopefully it will be regarded as pertinent and
| non-'laming') on why Windows users try Linux and return frustrated to Windows
| after several hours or days. I won't praise Linux and the way it works, I
| won't even compare and say 'here Linux is easier because ...', instead I have
| a few questions for all of you who blame Linux for not being and behaving
| like Windows.


How Linux app install leaves one PC expert befuddled

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| You can’t really blame Adrian, though. Adrian is a relatively new Linux
| user – he comes from the world of Windows, where you double click on a
| SETUP.EXE icon and minutes later, you’ve got an application installed on your
| system.

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