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Thread: [News] GNU/Linux Sold in High-street Shops in Brazil

  1. Re: [News] GNU/Linux Sold in High-street Shops in Brazil

    On Tue, 08 Jul 2008 20:34:45 -0400, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

    > Hash: SHA1
    > Linux in the Stores

    So are Hoola-Hoops...
    I wonder how many they sell these days.....

    > Deploying KDE to 52 million young people

    You need to adjust your Perl SPAM posting script because this is about the
    100th time you have posted this even after being corrected.

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  2. [News] GNU/Linux Sold in High-street Shops in Brazil

    Hash: SHA1

    Linux in the Stores

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Linux hardware is finally starting to make its debut in consumer stores. Here
    | in Brazil, in the store Saraiva, I noticed two KDE 3-based laptops, both
    | apparently built upon some version of Kubuntu; one wasn't that customized and
    | had the normal bar and K menu at the bottom, and the other one was so
    | customized at first I thought it was Vista with the taskbar put on the side!


    Also from Brazil:

    Review: GoblinX 2.7 Micro Edition

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | GoblinX is a Slackware-based Linux distribution which comes in live CD
    | format, and is developed and maintained in Brazil by Flavio de Oliveira, aka
    | Grobsch.



    Deploying KDE to 52 million young people

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | By the end of this year 29,000 labs serving some 32,000,000 students will be
    | fully deployed and in active use.
    | By the end of next year (2009) those numbers will have swelled to 53,000 labs
    | serving some 52,000,000 students.


    Famelix and the dangers of combating Windows

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | As with any GNU/Linux distribution, exact figures for use are hard to come by
    | for Famelix. However, other users of the distribution include 62 military
    | units, and schools and digital inclusion centers throughout South America. On
    | its home site, the distribution has had more than 22 million downloads -- at
    | least 14 million of them in the last 12 months, thanks mainly to the first
    | Â* Â* Â* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    | releases to support German, English, and Italian in addition to the original
    | Spanish and Portugese. By any standard, the distribution seems a success.


    Brazilian government lists preferred Open Source applications

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | The Brazilian government wants its public administrations to check an Open
    | Source reference guide before launching new IT projects.
    | The "Instruction for Contracting IT Services" was published last week by the
    | Secretary of Logistics and IT, part of the Ministry of Planning. The
    | instruction is intended prevent equivalent software solutions from being
    | developed several times.
    | "The portal should be consulted by public managers before starting a new
    | software development project, to check whether a comparable software solution
    | already exists", an introduction on the web site explains. If a solution
    | exists, the procurement can then be adapted to improve on that software
    | project.


    Litrix v7.4 Linux LiveCD

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Screenshots gallery...


    Brazilian banks look to Linux for ATMs

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Brazilian banking giant Banco do Brasil this year is preparing to start a
    | massive migration of one of the world’s biggest ATM fleets to the GNU/Linux
    | operating system.


    The brazilian Election Supreme Court migrates 430 thousand voting machines to
    GNU / Linux

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | The brazilian Election Supreme Court announced at April 4th 2008, that the
    | 2008 elections at Brazil will use GNU / Linux electronic voting machines with
    | software digital authentication. Â*
    | The Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (the brazilian Election Supreme Court),
    | officially announced on April 4th, 2008, that the brazilian 2008 elections
    | will use 430 thousand electronic voting machines migrated from VirtuOS and
    | Windows CE to GNU / Linux and open source softwares for security and auditing
    | defined by proper law. Â* Â*


    Linux Voting Machines Save US$ 8 Millions in Brazil

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Brazilian Goverment will save US$ 8 Millions in election between 2008 and
    | 2018. The economy is due to the use of Linux in the eletronic voting
    | machines, made by Procomp-Diebold, Â*


    Why Brazil Loves Linux

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Brazil imported the anti-Microsoft stance common in American geeks, but on
    | top of the usual arguments Microsoft is foreign. This adds fuel to the flame.
    | To the Brazilian Microsoft hater, not only there is an “evil monopoly”, but
    | its profits are repatriated and its jobs are elsewhere. Practices like the
    | 3-program limitation on Vista Starter further erode good will (Brazilians
    | call it the “castrated Windows” among other colorful names). Add a dash of
    | anti-American sentiment and you’ve got some serious resistance. This fiery
    | mood has a strong influence, from the teenager hanging out in #hackers on
    | Brasnet to IT departments to the federal government. Even in a rational
    | self-interest analysis, one might rightly point out that if free/open source
    | software (FOSS) were to wipe out Windows, negative effects on Brazil’s
    | economy are likely minimal. The wealth, jobs, and opportunity created by
    | Microsoft aren’t in Brazil (productivity gains might be, but that’s a whole
    | different argument). The trade offs of a potential Linux/Google take over are
    | different when there’s no national off-the-shelf software industry, plus
    | Google’s revenue model works beautifully in a developing country. This mix of
    | ideological and rational arguments torpedoes Microsoft’s support.


    Microsoft gouging Brazilians for 20 percent of income

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Ever wonder why Brazil and other BRIC countries are so hot on open source,
    | including Linux? Gustavo Duarte gives several reasons, not the least of which
    | is the punitive pricing that Microsoft inflicts on these developing markets.
    | In the case of Brazil, Microsoft pillages businesses to the tune of 20.1
    | percent and consumers at a 7.8 percent clip. Some people pay tithing to their
    | church; Brazilians are asked to pay a tithe to Microsoft. Perhaps this is
    | indicative of Microsoft's self-important belief?


    Brazilian Enterprises Embrace Open Source

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Linux and related open-source software has gained an increasingly important
    | role among large local corporations in Brazil, according to a recent study.
    | The Instituto Sem Fronteiras, a Brazilan research firm, found that 73 percent
    | of companies with more than a thousand employees are open source users. Â*

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