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Gartner corrects mistake showing HP as server market leader

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| This would have been a historic breakthrough for HP, as for years IBM has
| been top dog for sales in the server sector.


That's the same H-P that fought for OOXML, did that Vista collusion with
Microsoft, and produced the new manager for GNOME, who is also with the
Microsoft-sponsored OpenLogic.

Didn't the Partner Group recently say that Linux has 3.5% market share on east
Europe's desktops?


The France Shift From No to Abstain -- HP helped Microsoft France do it

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| Here's the scoop from Les Echos.fr on France's sudden change from its No vote
| to Abstain. Microsoft France's President Eric Boustouller sent AFNOR a *
| letter [PDF] in French, of course. He tells a tale about OOXML and ODF
| progressing side by side and how if OOXML is approved, a group will be
| working hard to make the two more interoperable. Attached was a an HP
| statement of support for OOXML. HP sings the same song. And AFNOR? * *
| [...]
| Could it be any more cynical? So, now we know that HP is not supportive of
| Linux and FOSS as we thought. Knock me over with a feather. So, they got them
| to change on the basis of promises for the future. I'm sure there's more to
| the story, of course. *



Microsoft dirty tricks, part two

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| So the outside vendor was Hewlett-Packard, one of Microsoft's hardware OEMs,
| which is to say Microsoft's bitch.
| The tape disappearance was blamed on HP, which *accepted the blame,
| and the employees directly involved kept expecting there to be
| repurcussions, especially legal ones. *They expected to be deposed by
| Burst lawyers. *But it never happened.
| This was, for Microsoft, a perfect ending.


Microsoft, HP expand business alliance

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| A new deal announced Wednesday calls for, among other things, more HP
| workers to be trained to sell Microsoft products.


French consumer protectionists are demanding PCs without preinstalled

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| The consumer protectionists of the French organization UFC-Que Choisir
| are demanding of the IT group Hewlett-Packard and the vendors Auchan
| and Darty that they offer PCs without preinstalled software.
| [...]
| UFC-Que Choisir last year also took action against Sony and Apple,
| taking the two companies to court for allegedly putting their
| customers at a disadvantage through proprietary DRM technologies
| and curtailing their choice of devices.


E-mail: Microsoft 'botched' dealings with Intel, HP

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| Internal Microsoft e-mails revealed through a federal class-action lawsuit
| arising from the troubled launch last year of the Windows Vista operating
| system have provided a provocative inside look at the software giant's
| machinations with Intel, HP and Dell. *
| The e-mails include an exchange in which one senior Microsoft executive
| described dealings with computer makers as "really botched." Another manager
| complained Microsoft was "caving to Intel" and "really burning HP." *
| The e-mails are included in 145 pages of documents unsealed by U.S. District
| Judge Marsha Pechman in Seattle late Wednesday. They include internal
| reports and some handwritten notes that offer a rare look inside at the
| famed "Wintel" partnership, and touch upon the alliance's dealings with
| Hewlett-Packard, Dell and other computer makers. * *

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