Online Presentation Illustrates Linux HPC Software Stack

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| Makia Minich of the Lustre Users Group has prepared an online slide
| presentation on the Linux HPC Software Stack.

Why is Sun repackaging old news?

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| Then I clicked on the link to the Sun webpage for FinServ only to find out
| they had announced nearly the same exact thing two years ago.

Also, from last week:

6WIND Introduces New Solution for High Performance for Linux System

Panasas and Penguin Computing Partner to Improve Manageability of Linux-Based
Cluster Solutions


Linux still super in Top500

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| In the June 2008 Top500 list, Linux still lives large with a role in 92% of
| systems (It is the only OS for 85.4%, but when considering all distributions
| (SUSE, Red Hat, CentOS, and general ‘Linux,’ as well as mixed uses that
| include Linux, I figure the share is more like the 92%).