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[Satire] Microsoft delays launch of Stephen Hawking Vista

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| Software giant Microsoft has admitted that the launch of the latest Stephen
| Hawking upgrade has had to be delayed due to problems with the new operating
| system, which keeps crashing whenever asked to calculate when the universe
| began.
| The announcement is the latest in a series of setbacks to the Stephen Hawking
| Vista, including a Max-Headroom-type stutter, a tendency to cause the user to
| binge drink and an unexplained tendency to say ‘physics is ****, physics is
| ****’.


Microsoft tries to force Windows Vista's acceptability, stops selling XP news

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| Not even Intel's refusal to embrace Microsoft's latest operating system (OS)
| seems to have discouraged the latter from implementing a move that had been
| in the planning for months.



‘Save XP’ videos sought

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| As part of InfoWorld's effort to save Windows XP from being discontinued on
| June 30, we're encouraging IT staffers as well as individual users to
| contribute their own videos on why XP should be saved. (Our plea is serious,
| but why not have some fun at the same time, right?) To help meet the goal of
| spreading the word about the "Save XP" petition effort, we do ask that each
| video show the www.SaveXP.com URL. * *



An Open Letter to Microsoft: Re-Release Windows XP

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| It's time to sober up on Windows Vista. This just isn't working out,
| and your users are getting frustrated to the point where they're souring
| on Windows altogether. In case you haven't seen some of the more
| noteworthy blog posts on this topic, I refer you to Chris Pirillo,
| Scot's Newsletter, or Spend Matters. Or check out the recent bug
| reports regarding product activation and security flaws. This is all
| stuff I managed to dredge up that was written yesterday.
| People are unhappy with Vista. Really unhappy. And though I know Microsoft
| has its own form of Steve Jobs' reality distortion field, it certainly
| can't keep you from seeing at least some of the sobering sales figures and
| the crush of disappointing reviews of Vista. I don't want to dredge up all
| the reasons people are unhappy with Vista in this letter. I want to talk
| about what you ought to do stop a mass migration to Linux and the Mac.
| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


What it's really like to switch from Ubuntu to Windows Vista

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| Vista's graphical eye candy is pretty good. It's not as good as Beryl
| and not nearly as good if you're running a machine with an integrated
| graphics chip. It will allow you to do lots of things like those Macs
| I've seen friends use. Although there's no cube view. And you can't
| get special effects like flames or windows wobbling. But it's all
| just eye candy anyway and would require you to spend that much more
| processing power on it.
| [...]
| There isn't a perfect OS out there, but it does offer a range of usability
| from simple point and click to even more pointing and clicking.

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