Compiz Fusion:An Unparalleled 3D Environment

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| So this is it.. I have tried to cover major plugins of Compiz Fusion.but this
| doesn't meant that Compiz is limited to this , the plugin directory is far
| more complex..This is just a preview... Compiz Fusion stands out to be the
| best 3D desktop Environment not only in terms of Eye Candy but it ease the
| interaction of User and Computer.. There are few other plugins to look at
| like Paint Fire, Snow, Water, Cube Gears , Cube Atlantis.

It's worth seeing the screenshots.

I'm using it right now. Compiz works out of the box, even with multiple


Compiz Fusion Stackswitch: Another Application Switcher

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| Compiz Fusion on Linux has definitely received a lot of attention because of
| their innovative thinking, and the latest thing to come out of their lab is a
| plugin called Stackswitch. To put it simply it is an application switcher,
| but it comes packed with pizzazz. Once it’s activated it angles all of your
| windows so that it appears as though they are laying flat on a table that’s
| sitting in front of you, and the window you currently have selected stands up
| straight to draw more attention. Some aspects are also configurable, such as
| the angle at which the windows lie down.

FusionCast Episode IV -- Cylinder Cube, etc


Compiz is the Most Important Thing to Ever Happen to Linux.

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| If the Linux community wants to wipe Windows and Mac out of the OS business
| all they need to do in focus all of their collective efforts on developing
| Compiz. With the combine intelligence of hundreds of thousands of nerds we
| could develop the most pimped out windows management system known to mankind.
| The kids don’t want stability, they want an OS w/ rims that spin.