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Switch: Windows Vista to Ubuntu Linux

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| My latest experiences are definitely good ones, that being said, Ubuntu has
| definitly come a long way since I first messed with it back in 2004 (Warty
| Warthog).
| If you do not rely on propritary software or if there is alternatives for
| your propritary software in the opensource world I think Linux can be
| considered a definite candidate for an operating system. Ubuntu and some
| other distributions that I have been playing with lately have the usibility
| functionaility now to make stuff work out of the box or at least with
| (relative) ease.


Does “Ubuntu” mean “bye-bye Windows?” Could be…

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| There is now officially no excuse for anyone who is mildly interested not
| trying Linux. It comes complete with browser (Firefox 3), Office Suite
| (OpenOffice) that’s compatible with Microsoft files and documents, the best
| native text editor I’ve ever seen — makes Notepad look like chiseling on a
| rock — and all the other applications you need. Others are available for
| quick, free download and trouble free installation from the Web.



Do You Ubuntu?

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| I bought my wife a new acer laptop with vista pre-installed. Within a week,
| vista was reporting that it was not a genuine copy and I should report to
| microsoft where I purchased the software.
| Well I tried to call microsoft to get the issue resolved. Have you tried to
| get a real person at microsoft? Good luck. Anyway, these are the issues that
| are driving people away from microsoft.
| If you would like to see if the grass is really greener outside of
| Microsoft’s fence, why not give ubuntu a try. You may be glad you did.

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