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How about an Open Sourced office?

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| If you’re looking forward to start up a small business enterprise, investment
| happens to be a key concern. How much, how less and where exactly; these are
| the preliminary encounters.


Building the Internet Barn

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| The software I'm suggesting this week is called Open Office. If you can
| justify the expense of purchasing a word processor or spreadsheet like
| Microsoft Office, you will likely find that Open Office does everything you
| need and more. Even if you need to share documents with others using
| Microsoft Office, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Microsoft Fights Open Source Office With Equipt

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| Microsoft in unhappy with the slow sales of its Office suite and comes p with
| a new marketing plan: a subscription pricing model.


They target the poorest and exploit them the most. Month. By. Month.


What's Wrong With Windows Subscription

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| Finally, a lot of people are using Windows right now simply because they have
| it on their computer. If their usage of Windows expired at the end of some
| sort of a subscription, then you can count on the fact that they’d be more
| inclined to examine other operating system options rather than signing on to
| another usage period of a desktop experience that they may not even be
| pleased with. Also, if Windows technically expires, then what happens to all
| of the data? Will the computer just become a useless box unless Linux or an
| older version of Windows is installed on it, or will the installed version
| just continue to run as is?


Now pre-paid Office 2007 tool from Microsoft

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| Hyderabad: Just like a pre-paid mobile telephony card, you can now have a
| pre-paid Office 2007 productivity software from Microsoft in India.
| This offering that comes with the purchase of new personal computer allows a
| user to access this software for six months and thereafter with the option of *
| renewal with additional payments. *

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