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Hey You, Standarize My Cloud

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| Rather it will arrive because it’ll be the means of differentiation for late
| market entrants; those that want to play in the cloud with the likes of
| Amazon and Google, though at a fraction of the scale.
| [...]
| Perhaps the biggest question facing the potential standards players will be
| the balance between standardization and the speed of innovation. When we
| spoke with Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch about the opening of its SWF format, one of
| the questions we put to him was the potential for SWF to make the transition
| from open specification to formal standard. While not dismissing the
| possibility out of hand, his concern was that it might negatively impact
| Adobe’s ability to innovate within the specification. Standards need not be
| inimical to innovation, but neither are they designed to foster it.


Standards have become somewhat of a joke. It's a case of turning proprietary
software formats into the equivalent of a patent, an intellectual monopoly.
What's needed is a free implementation, such as the BSD TCP/IP stack.


Adobe Joins Linux Foundation But Forgets About Flash for Linux

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| I would hope that Zemlin will encourage Adobe to now treat Linux as a first
| class citizen as opposed to an afterthought for release after Windows.
| I hope Zemlin will pressure Adobe to finally actually make Flash -- not just
| the player -- but Flash CS3 Professional, (the core Flash development tool)
| available for Linux as a fully commercially available and supported product. *
| It is somewhat ironic in my opinion that Adobe can join the Linux Foundation,
| claim to support Linux and yet not offer its flagship Flash development tool
| on Linux. * *

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