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First look: KOffice 2.0 Alpha 8

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| The good news for people new to KOffice is the integrated installer makes
| downloading and installing the required software a breeze, even on Windows.
| Linux users are well acquainted with downloading many packages at a time from
| the Internet in order to install software, but this experience is less
| frequent on Windows, where users tend to download a monolithic package or
| install software from a DVD.


Power Downloader accelerates OpenOffice

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| As you might imagine, Power Downloader is a big fan of open-source software,
| and of OpenOffice in particular. The free productivity suite gives users all
| the tools of Microsoft Office for free, with only minor features lacking
| support. Notably, OOo, as it's affectionately known, supports the
| OpenDocument movement's attempt to standardize file formats.



KOffice 2.0 Alpha 8

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| OpenDocument Improvements
| One of the highlights of this release is the work on saving and loading Open
| Document Format documents, especially for the text shape, thanks to the
| sponsoring of Girish Ramakrishnan by the Dutch NLNet organisation. Girish has
| added scores of tests to check for ODF compliancy. *
| It is also worthy of note that now KOffice is able to load and save images in
| text and presentation documents. Shapes can now be animated and associated
| with events such as sounds. *


KOffice 2.0 Alpha 7 Released

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| This release is the first to see some results of the OpenDocument Format
| testsuite being imported into KOffice. The testsuite exists from a lot of
| little documents that each show one feature in ODF. Automated testing of
| loading those documents will allow developers to keep on working on the code
| without fear of breaking the already working code. This is known as
| regression testing.
| In this release already 23 tests are added into KOffice and the results are
| visible in much better loading of text documents in KWord. KWord is also one
| of the target applications for 2.0, and NLNet has sponsored a developer
| working on that application.


NLnet Gives KOffice a New Logo and Sponsors ODF development

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| The Dutch NLnet foundation aims to financially support organisations and
| people that contribute to an open information society. Some time ago they
| decided to help KOffice in two exciting ways: to sponsor the design of a new
| logo for KOffice, with matching logo designs for all KOffice applications,
| and to sponsor Girish Ramakrishnan to improve the ODF support in KWord 2.0.
| The KOffice team is deeply grateful to NLnet for this support! * * *


German county adopts OpenOffice.org

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| According to this German article, the German county "Friesland" is adoption
| open source including OpenOffice.org. OpenOffice.org will be installed on the
| majority of the client systems. *

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