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Ten LiMo phones this month?

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| Forbes has published an interview with LiMo Foundation executive director
| Morgan Gillis. The LiMo chief speaks out on Nokia's acquisition of Symbian,
| competition with Android, the fold-in of the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS)
| Forum, and a projected 10 new LiMo handsets to be announced this month.


How Nokia's Symbian Move Helps Google

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| While phones running Google's Android mobile platform will compete for sales
| against Nokia's smartphones running Symbian, the fact that Nokia plans to
| take Symbian open source could actually benefit both companies. By increasing
| the adoption of open source, the Nokia move further opens up the market for
| all open source platforms.



Mobile Linux Groups Join Forces

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| LiPS was working to create a standard that would define APIs (application
| programming interfaces) for developing applications to run on a mobile Linux
| kernel. By contrast, the LiMo Foundation is aiming to build a de facto
| standard software platform that handset makers can use to create Linux
| phones.


The Happy Collision of Collaboration and Competition in the Mobile World

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| LiMo's transparent governance model and a critically important intellectual
| property (IP) safe harbor to refine the Foundation's common, Linux-based
| middleware platform -- while remaining entirely free to deliver their own
| compelling and differentiated services to mobile customers.


Smartphones, Linux gaining share

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| Two just-published market research reports bode well for Linux's future in
| the market for higher-priced smartphones. J.D. Power reports that rising
| smartphone sales are driving handset prices higher, while ABI Research
| predicts Linux will take a 23 percent share of the smartphone segment by
| 2013.


Nokia: Linux role growing, not yet mainstream

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| Nokia's Chief Financial Officer Rick Simonson last month called Linux's
| role "terribly important" at an investor conference, saying Nokia had been
| developing the next generation of Linux-based products, which are starting to
| come to the market.


Nokia eyes wider usage of Linux in cellphones

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| "It's going to be terribly important," Nokia's Chief Financial Officer Rick
| Simonson told an investor conference when asked about the role of Linux-based
| tablets.
| He said the company has been developing the next generation of Linux-based
| products, which are starting to come to the market.

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