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Meet ratproxy, our passive web security assessment tool

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| We're happy to announce that we've just open-sourced ratproxy, a passive web
| application security assessment tool that we've been using internally at
| Google. This utility, developed by our information security engineering team,
| is designed to transparently analyze legitimate, browser-driven interactions
| with a tested web property and automatically pinpoint, annotate, and
| prioritize potential flaws or areas of concern.


Google Yahoo ad deal faces probe

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| A formal antitrust investigation into a deal struck between Yahoo and Google
| over search advertising is set to be launched by the US Justice Department.
| The Washington Post said investigators will also demand documents from other
| large internet and media companies.
| Together Google and Yahoo claim nearly 80% of the web search market and
| agreed to give antitrust authorities 100 days to look at the deal before
| going ahead.


Google Is Evil in a Flash

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| What that means in practice is that one of the major downsides of using
| Flash – its invisibility to search engines like Google - has partly
| disappeared. That, in turn, is likely to encourage more Web designers to
| incorporate it into their sites – making the experience more like television
| than the Internet. Flash not only takes the control away from the visitor, it
| renders its content opaque in terms of links.


Yahoo is in it too.

Syntax and markup replaced by 'object' (blob)? What would timbl say?


Google learns to crawl Flash

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| In the past, web designers faced challenges if they chose to develop a site
| in Flash because the content they included was not indexable by search
| engines. They needed to make extra effort to ensure that their content was
| also presented in another way that search engines could find.

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