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Demands on Open Source Software Grow

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| Whether for private users, small and midsize businesses, major corporations,
| or public institutions, Open Source software has in the past years become a
| reliable alternative to commercial solutions. And not just because it is less
| expensive. Businesses are becoming increasingly convinced of the quality of
| this free software. And while the Linux operating system has been dominating
| the Open Source scene for the last decade, new and advanced products are
| continuously establishing themselves in the market.


Also in Australia. How fast times have changed.

Open source community pushes Canberra on school computer fund

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| Australia's open source community leaders have written an open letter to
| Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard calling for consideration of free and
| open source software in the implementation of the Digital Education
| Revolution for the National Secondary School Computer Fund.



Linux Job Market Trends: Galloping Forward

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| If you’re a Linux specialist looking for the best paying area of the country,
| your best bet is – no surprise – Silicon Valley, where Linux pros make
| $96,578 (but a cup of coffee costs $11.25). Other top-paying Linux areas are
| Washington, D.C. ($86,882), Los Angeles ($86,618), and New York ($86,305).


2007: Where the Tech Jobs Are

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| ...open source and Linux skills are very hot. "Linux is one of the fastest
| growing, if not required, then recommended skills that most of the
| sysadmins and operations people have," Melland says. "If you're a systems
| administrator and you don?t have Linux experience, you might want to seek
| that out."
| [...]
| All this migration to Linux and open source means that job openings are
| zooming. Based on Dice statistics, Linux as a recommended skill is up 51%
| this year, and roughly 150% in the last two years.


Linux and Open Source: How They Affect HR Professionals


Linux jobs abound, tech job service says

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