bbgruff had de volgende lumineuze gedachte op 02-07-08 15:42:

> You don't consider:-
> - the price of viruses
> - the price of malware generally
> - the almost-total control of the world's desktop operating
> systems by a single foreign power
> - to say nothing of the adverse balance-of-payments impact of MS on
> every other country in the world, coupled with the lack of opportunity
> of other countries to bring-on a generation of OS developers of their
> own to be too high a price?
> In short, and especially outside the U.S., the price of Windows is already
> unacceptably high, and (thankfully) Linux is there to be an option.

Dear bbgruff,

I am afraid you forget the cost of lost data every time Windows needs to
be reinstalled because of malware or bitrot, or updates that bork the
whole system. My brother downloaded Vista SP1 via Windows Update and
after that it was impossible to boot the system again.It cost him three
days, quarrels with his wife, loss of unique pictures, financial data
and a lot af "computer related anger". His problem is that he is just a
user and not a computer geek. He does not know how to partition a Hard
Disk and put his data on the other partition. Microsoft never thought of
this in spite of the enormous hard disks we have now and still installs
everything on disk C:\. There are millions like him out there. What a
sorrow and misery!!!!!!!!!


Erik Jan.