Linonut wrote:
> Reality Distortion, Distortion, Distortion.

> Wait: malware, ewaste, vaporware, and atrocious products ---
> that doesn't sound like Steve Jobs and Apple, but rather Bill
> Gates, Steve Ballmer, and Microsoft. What is particularly
> interesting is that Jobs hasn't been writing books where he
> outlines his grand view of the road ahead and gives himself
> credit for predictions through revision editing. Instead, Jobs
> has frequently diverted fawning attention from fans to his
> employees.

I spent several hours this past weekend, troubleshooting a
friend's fairly new Dell Windows XP desktop system.

Communications was sporatic; hard disk was constantly grinding
away. A check of his DSL wireless router gateway with my trusty
yet venerable Dell C600 laptop revealed that the hardwired LAN
and wireless worked flawlessly, so it wasn't that nor the ISP's

Something was hindering communications and turning off Norton 360
Antivirus. Removed the Earthlink "value added" software and IE7
toolbar. Now had no communications. Ping to known external
sites showed that the LAN and DNS was working.

Found out it was a tainted or bogus Earthlink spam blocker
executable, which was revealed by installing spyware scanning
software similar to Sharkwire (can't remember the name off-hand).

After sending the executable to quarantine and rebooting, now I
had communication. Now Norton 360 remained in force without
anti-viral being turned off.

FireFox was now downloading webpages at DSL speeds. (I told him
to use FireFox and discontinue IE7. He was surprised how much
smoother and quicker FF is over IE in Windows XP.)

DFS continues to bash FOSS, but to me this episode clearly
demonstrates that IE7 is real "sludgeware" and Windows is still
prone to successful viral attacks, in spite of advances in
anti-viral technology.