Few months ago I was interviewed for a software engineer in Google Zurich.
If I need to compare Microsoft and Google, I should tell it in short: Google

1) Google interview were not professional.

2) Google employ everybody as junior developer, ignoring the existing

3) Microsoft have really good interview process. People working in Microsoft
are relly very smart and skillful. Their process is far ahead of Google.
Their quality of development is far ahead of Google. Their management is
ahead of Google and their recruitment is ahead of Google.

Microsoft is Better Place to Work than Google

The fact that Google is having problems retaining employees isn't news,
Fortune wrote an article about it just a few months ago. The technology
press makes it seem like people are ditching Google for hot startups like
FriendFeed and Facebook. However the truth is more nuanced than that. Now
that Google is just another big software company, lots of people are
comparing it to other big software companies like Microsoft and finding it

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