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Java and the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

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| The Coolest Linux Device
| With its 800×480 display and Mozilla-based Ajax-capable browser, the N810
| delivers full desktop-quality web browsing (Figure 1) similar to the iPhone,
| but not a scaled down mobile version like with other cell phones.
| The N810 comes with software to record/playback video streams, play music and
| movies with stereo output, and do everything you can do from a desktop Linux
| system in terms of multimedia. It also comes with map software and data,
| integrated with the device's GPS receiver, to show your location in real-time
| with directions to where you want to go. With an available software upgrade,
| it becomes a complete turn-by-turn navigation system.



Review: The Linux Powered Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

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| For many years people have been looking for a simple and efficient way to
| take the internet with them. First there was laptops, but those were too big.
| Then came phones and PDA's, but those were too small, and too feature lean.
| But now that is all history thanks to Nokia's new N810 Internet Tablet! But
| what are some of the things that make this device so special? Actually, quite
| a lot. So let's go have a look and see what it has to offer you.
| [...]
| The N810 is also surprisingly customizable, so you're not stuck with what
| someone else thinks your internet tablet should be. You can make it whatever
| you want it to be. Now while the N810 sells for a bit more than I would like
| ($450 last I checked) it's well worth every penny. And another thing about it
| that fascinates me is that even though I've spent a lot of time exploring it,
| there's still so much there that I'm still discovering new stuff all the
| time. And don't get hooked on the idea that the N810 is a super PDA, because
| it's so much more.


Nokia eyes wider usage of Linux in cellphones

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| "It's going to be terribly important," Nokia's Chief Financial Officer Rick
| Simonson told an investor conference when asked about the role of Linux-based
| tablets.
| He said the company has been developing the next generation of Linux-based
| products, which are starting to come to the market.


Some learning to do?

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| Companies like Nokia need to learn the open source way of working. This means
| not only fulfilling the letter of GPL, LGPL etc. but also the spirit. In my
| mind this means integrating the corporate work with the open source
| community, participating, contributing back the code, building the code in
| open projects and not only releasing it when mandatory, not forking, etc.


Nokia does not get it

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| You better start playing by the rules because else the other companies might
| do it faster than Nokia and you will lose the opportunity. Oh: And just as a
| remind: when you go open source, you *must* play by the rules by honoring the
| license of the software.
| Really, it’s sad to listen to things like this from someone controlling the
| company who owns Trolltech *I am sure that the vice-president of companies
| like Red Hat wouldn’t say nonsense like the above. But it’s no surprise
| coming from someone in a company that seems to be absolutely in favor of
| software patents in Europe according to FFII.


Oh please, educate me, Nokia.

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| Nokia: “We want to educate open-source developers."
| Oh please, educate me, Nokia. Actually, never-mind. Kiss my ass instead. BTW,
| I call it free software, not "open source".
| Nokia: "There are certain business rules [developers] need to obey, such as
| DRM, IPR [intellectual property rights], SIM locks and subsidised business
| models.”
| You think I need obey? I prefer civil disobedience. DRM? Why would I obey
| your plan to steal my freedom? "Intellectual property"? What's that? There is
| Copyright law and Patent law but to my knowledge, there is no "intellectual
| property" law.
| It's a good idea to Boycott Nokia. They have an exceedingly imperious and
| arrogant attitude. Didn't they just buy Trolltech? Whichever pinhead from
| Nokia wrote this garbage just did a disservice to Trolltech. It makes
| Trolltech look like obedient "open source" developers who are in the process
| of being re-educated by Nokia.


Ari Jaaksi of Nokia Wants to Educate the Linux Community

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| But perhaps the community has some education for Jaaksi and Nokia. Jaaksi
| hosted me at a Nokia dinner in 2000, he's a nice guy and has been interested
| in Linux for a long time. But Nokia's barking up the wrong tree this time,
| because Nokia can do everything it wants with DRM, IPR, and SIM locks without
| bothering the Linux developers about it - and both Nokia and the Linux
| developers will like it better that way. It's surprising that Nokia doesn't
| understand that at this late date.

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