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CEO's Diary: Linux?

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| He has a set a number of practical tests. One was to test transitions to
| Windows Vista or Linux. People resisted both, but one no more than the other.
| So why not Linux?
| As important, he’s tested Open Office on a trial group. After very little
| effort in translation most could hardly spot the difference from a Microsoft
| product. After all, most people hardly use any of the features in either.
| The big issue now is email management. If we can manage that and diary
| scheduling OK (which is a big question) the real issue is when some Linux
| platforms are now very stable and have long term support, why are we
| Microsoft based?


This has become a typical story.


Microsoft tactics push India toward Linux

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| One of India's 28 states plans to distribute 100,000 Linux laptops to
| students there. It sounds like Tamil Nadu's volume purchasing agent decided
| to use Linux exclusively after being put off by Microsoft's bundling tactics
| for academic users.
| [...]
| Though it could be sour grapes at having its unbundled OS proposal scuppered
| by Microsoft, ELCOT now says it recommends only Linux. On its website, the
| organization says, "ELCOT has been using SUSE Linux and Ubuntu Linux
| operating systems on desktop and laptop computers numbering over 2,000 during
| the past two years and found them far superior as compared to other operating
| systems, notably the Microsoft Operating System."

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