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Eee Monitor shots reveal Linux's iMac rival

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| Previous reports have confirmed that the Eee Monitor will aim at a largely
| different price and audience than the iMac thanks to its belonging to the Eee
| PC line: the system is believed to center on Linux rather than Windows and
| use a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor that will both drop the system's total
| price to just $500 and help pitch the Monitor as an eco-friendly PC thanks to
| an extremely low power draw.


ASUS Eee PC 904 HD to get bigger, use hard drive

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| Most specifications for the system remain a mystery, though the 904 name
| implies it will be a close relative of the 901, which has a 1.6GHz Intel Atom
| processor, 1GB of memory, and in most versions will come with ASUS'
| customized version of Xandros Linux.



Eee PC Update- 904/905 to replace 901? Debian to replace Xandros?

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| In another interesting turn of events, Linux Loop is reporting that Asus and
| Debian are working together on a project. There is nothing firm yet but a
| post on the Debian mailing list suggests that the two organizations are
| working together. There is already a DebianEeePC project, so it could just be
| building this out, not outright replacing Xandros, but anything could happen
| at this point. Ubuntu is based on Debian so this could open up a number of
| doors in the future, though it would definitely be a mistake to read too far
| into news like this given how early the talks seem to be.


Debian To Replace Xandros on the Eee PC?

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| This message on the Debian Eee PC mailing list reveals that Asus and Debian
| are working together, or at least planning to, on software for the Eee PC.
| This, presumably, means that future versions of the Eee PC could run a
| modified version of Debian, rather than a modified version of Xandros, as
| they currently do.


SplashTop Linux On HP, Dell Notebooks?

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| Days after we delivered that inaugural review, we found out DeviceVM was in
| talks with OEMs about shipping SplashTop on desktops and notebooks.
| [...]
| In addition to the instant-on Linux excitement this week for the HP Envy 133,
| Dell is apparently working on a similar Linux solution. Engadget has shared
| details surrounding the Dell E and E Slim.


Asus laptops get ‘instant-on Linux’

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| The Splashtop OS, which Asus rebrands as Express Gate, consist of a
| proprietary real-time ‘core engine’ called by the notebook’s BIOS, atop which
| sits a highly customised Linux stack


Asus to launch laptops with Linux Net software

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| Asustek plans to equip its laptop PCs with Linux software that allows fast
| access to the Internet and multimedia files.

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