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Windows Hater (in response to Linux Hater)

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| Picture this, you just bought built a brand new computer and want to install
| the brand spankin’ new Windows Vista Ultimate, you plop down $300, and away
| you go! What does $300 get you? A bare minimum operating system with nothing
| but MS Paint and Media Player.
| [...]
| Six hundred dollars and 7 hours later you have an almost usable computer, you
| still can’t watch DIVX or DVDs, burn Audio CD’s, Balance your checkbook, Sync
| your phone to your calendar and e-mail, or entertain your children with any
| games but minesweeper or solitaire. You don’t even have a virus scan program
| yet!



Ka-Ching! Windows Vista's real cost

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| That's what M$ took as a strategy, I think. And just like total
| revolution within M$ Office brings those logically thinking to
| OpenOffice.org, this revolution is an encouragement to migrate to
| Linux, where efficiency increase is not bound with inherent
| incompatibility. Mozilla is one of great examples here. So
| before you will have to ask your computer, what youwant to do
| today, take a while and think about being openminded and
| sticking to open standards.


Chinese attitude on buying Vista

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| I've mentioned above,the price of Vista is higher than RMB2000 (about
| USD257) may not shake users in developed countries, but do you know it
| is equal to the average monthly salary in China's economic center
| Shanghai!So please take this fact into consideration before
| criticize our behavior of buying pirate softwares.
| recent survey of public opinion from China's portal NetEase shows that 81%
| of netizens think Microsoft is forcing them to use pirate Vista...


What is the True Cost of Windows?

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| With the recent upsurge of popularity in Linux based systems, IT admins have
| been asking the question of the TRUE cost of Linux. What impact does it have
| on the enterprise in regard to training, support, etc? While some claim that
| the cost of Linux is fattened by a little extra user training (a claim I
| happen to disagree with), what about the extra administration and maintenance
| that has to be done on Windows systems? * *
| [...]
| I abhor having to do this maintenance at school, mainly because I NEVER have
| to perform it at home. At home, I use nothing but Linux based systems. I have
| been using some form of Linux as my operating system for nearly 10 years now
| (fully ditched Windows about 5 years back) and I’ve never had a virus. I’ve
| never had spyware. Linux filesystems don’t get nearly as fragmented as NTFS
| and I’ve never defragged a Linux box. It seems to me that all this talk about
| the true cost of Linux is taking the spotlight while no one is really asking
| about the cost of Windows. Not only are the licenses grossly overpriced but
| the cost of properly maintaining a working system wastes valuable time for
| the IT department. While they’re taking care of these annoying little tasks,
| something more important has to wait in the wings. I’d like to hear some IT
| managers’ positions on this and see how much time they spend maintaining
| Windows systems in their enterprise. * * * * * *


Microsoft starts a "Get the Facts" campaign...against itself

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| Imagine the kind of savings you could get if you just stopped using Windows
| altogether! Few to no security issues. Less administration. Etc.
| By the way, the study claims that switching to Vista saves on hardware costs.
| How could this possibly be, when everything I have ever read on Vista is that
| it is a resource hog? You spend more on hardware with Vista, not less.
| Anyway, Microsoft must really be hurting if it has to resort to beating up on
| its most stable product in years. It's clearly desperate to get people to
| move off XP (you know, the Windows OS that actually has hardware/peripheral
| support, a lot of software written for it, needs a lighter hardware platform,
| etc.). Maybe the open-source crowd should just wait for Microsoft to beat
| itself into oblivion.


,----[ Quotes with annotation ]
| "(Microsoft manager I don't like the fact that the report show us losing
| on TCO on webservers. I don't like the fact that the report show us losing
| on availability (windows was down more than linux). And I don't like the
| fact that the reports says nothing new is coming with windows .net server."
| [...]
| "I don't like it to be public on the doc that we sponsored it because I
| don't think the outcome is as favorable as we had hoped. I just don't like
| competitors using it as ammo against us. It is easier if it doesn't mention
| that we sponsored it."


The Importance Cleaning Windows XP

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| On a Windows machine, virtual junk is referred to the countless garbage data
| stored on hard drives during normal usage. These files include a build up of
| needless temporary Internet and operating system files, Internet cookies,
| misplaced or old documents, and the dirtiest system of them all: the Windows
| Registry. * *


Why Does Windows Get Slower Over Time?

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| The natural impulse is to blame Windows itself. The phenomenon is so
| well known and widespread that some in the industry have even coined a
| term for it: "Windows rot." The idea is that, for lack of a specific
| cause, Windows just performs worse the longer you use it.


Windows XP OS is really quite a crock

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| It's amazing that Microsoft built-in a disk defragger into Windows XP,
| but it didn't get around to building an operating system defragger.
| [...]
| Are there better ways to clean up and speed up a Windows XP? Sure,
| there are plenty of different techniques and options, but if
| Microsoft had some smarts, they'd build a lean-and-mean Vista
| (since XP is now "legacy") for laptops and desktops without all
| the assorted crap that they've built in over the years.

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