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A Red Hat Packed With Dynamite

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| Red Hat's efforts to scale up its business model positions the company for
| years of upcoming growth, at a time when Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) seems to
| have botched its latest and greatest operating system launch. It also helps
| non-Windows competitors like Novell (Nasdaq: NOVL) and Sun Microsystems
| (Nasdaq: JAVA) in a roundabout way, by growing the Linux/Unix market into
| spaces where you might not have seen them before.


Even the fan press of Microsoft (MSFT) lost faith.


The Fall of Microsoft Office

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| On the same day that the state of New York published a report supporting open
| formats for electronic documents, mighty Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) said that
| it would support the open-source ODF format in Office 2007. Redmond's own
| Open Office XML specification may be heading for the great Recycle Bin in the
| sky, never to come back.
| [...]
| I can't say that Google or Sun or anybody else just won a bigger share of the
| office software market, and if they did, it won't help their revenue or
| profits directly anyway. But it's clear as day that Microsoft just took a
| serious hit, and the impact may take a long time to make itself felt but it
| will come.

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