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coLinux gets its second wind

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| Cooperative Linux (coLinux for short) occupies a unique niche in the field of
| virtualization -- that of running GNU/Linux natively in Windows. Although
| begun in 2000, the project has only recently released version 0.72, but it
| has given the underlying technology to several other higher profile projects
| such as andLinux and Ulteo Virtual Desktop. Now, with the current interest in
| attracting Windows users to GNU/Linux, as evidenced by such tools as Ubuntu's
| Wubi and Fedora's Live USB-Creator, the technology behind coLinux seems
| overdue for a closer look.


Arch Linux 2008.06: Overlord

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| Arch is simple. It’s not easy at first, but it’s simple…and “simple” has the
| knack of becoming “easy” when you’re used to it. After the install, you end
| up with a system that has everything you want it to have, but nothing more.
| That means it’s light-weight, and fast, and unique, and very easy to
| maintain. After the initial hours of configuration, there’s not much left to
| be done. Upgrade the system every day. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. I know I will.



coLinux - Cooperative Linux Short Review

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| Conclusions? If you want an easy way of running simple, not very graphics
| demanding applications from Linux on Windows, you are a developaer who
| develops for both systems, of you are just a Linux enthusiast who wants to
| have his beloved applications at hand while using Windows, and you don’t mind
| occasional BSOD or problems with graphics – coLinux is solution for you. * *


Introduction to coLinux: Linux on Windows, Literally

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| Any program that runs on Linux will run on coLinux, although there
| are a few limitations--mainly, programs that use graphics won't run
| at full speed, since the X terminal has to run on the Windows side,
| and support for audio is marginal at best. That said, applications
| which don't rely on audio or graphics can run more or less at native
| speed: database applications, Web servers, command-line/shell
| programs and so on all work at normal speed.


Colinux on Windows Vista

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| In the last years colinux became one of my most valued tools for
| cross platform software development. Colinux is a user mode linux,
| running as a Windows process. This way you don't need to dual boot
| anymore. And while other virtualization techniques exist, colinux
| has some advantages that makes it my top choice.


Arch Linux: Popular KISS distro [page 2]

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| How many developers are behind Arch? Do you see this number increase in the
| future?
| According to this page we have 27 developers. Everyone does different things.
| While I *do* see our numbers increasing in the future, I think that will only
| come after fully figuring out what everyone's job is, and what holes we have
| to plug. *


Arch Linux on OLPC XO-1

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| This is the part where I eat my own words. I didn’t think it possible, but it
| works. The Geode is an i586, and logic says that a system tuned to the 686 —
| which regularly resisted all efforts to run or even boot on K6-series
| machines for me — seems quite happy to plunk along on my XO-1. See for
| yourself. * *


Arch Linux - Is this really a geek's distro?

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| Arch Linux is not at all a geek's distribution as I have not found any
| installation, configuring problems. All it takes is you have to make use of *
| the well documented wiki and user forums. Arch may not be suitable for the
| first time Linux user but if you had already installed and used a Linux
| variant then I highly recommend trying arch. *


Arch 2007.08-2 Review

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| Acrh Linux is lean, wicked and it allows all types to possibilities. It
| allows the user to custom tailor the distribution as per his/her taste. It
| has a great package manager. A package manager that is being used by lot of
| other distributions like frugalware, archie and faun. But I am unable the
| gauze the advantages pacman provides over apt-get. * *


Distros Don’t Drive Development

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| Lots of press and people focus on Linux distributions when they check out
| what happens in Linux land. This and that distro come in new releases and
| they offer this and that brand new feature. This is also true of the many
| linux podcasts. They give credit to distros for new things that pop up. *


Arch Linux Review

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| I happen to believe that Arch is an excellent flavor of Linux that hasn't got
| the share of publicity and attention if deserves from the community yet.
| [...]
| As I've said before I am a rather old Linux user, so I didn't expect to get
| easily impressed from a distro. Well guess what, I am! Arch is an excellent
| distribution I'd recommend to just about everyone that likes to get his hands
| dirty and has at least some experience in Linux. *
| It keeps the simple methodology that Slackware has but presents it in a more
| easy, decent way. It is not a distro for absolute beginners, it does not
| promise a dozen features "out of the box" but once you get it rolling you'll
| be rewarded with an amazing distro. Trust me you'll love "the Arch way"! *


Review: Arch Linux 0.8 Voodoo x86_64

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| I liked Arch Linux and I felt right at home using it. Like Slackware
| and Debian it gives you a solid foundation and you can add whatever you
| like to the system.


ArchLinux -- smooth and cuddly

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| Arch is gaining new users and good reviews every day. Let's find out why
| this is happening.


Review: Arch64, Archlinux for 64bit processors

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| I highly recommend Arch64. If you are looking for a great 64bit system
| and don't mind getting your hands dirty, this is the system for you. You
| only need a fast connection and some time. Pacman is the best package
| manager out there. ABS gives you freedom to create your own packages
| or customize packages for your machine.


Arch Linux 0.7.2 (Gimmick) Review

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| I have finally found a distribution that fits all of my needs and
| won't hold my hand. Editing files is simple and educational as you
| learn how the system works. For the speed, stability, and the
| simplicity this distribution offers, it is no wonder that Arch is
| quickly becoming home for most power users as well as users who are
| willing to learn Linux.


Watching the Evolution of Arch Linux

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| In closing, I would like to applaud the Arch Linux developer team for
| their efforts. They've done a great job so far and of course, they still
| have a long way in front of them too.
| If you like a speedy Linux, easy to learn and operate and you don't
| afraid of the command line, give Arch Linux a shot today. Its main
| ISO with X support is just 500 MBs (and then you built it from there
| adding more packages as you go along).

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