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I Did It - Ubuntu Linux on my Laptop

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| All in all, I am very happy with my new laptop PC,and hope to have many years
| of use out of it.


Ubuntu "Hardy Heron" -- Observations After Upgrading

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| Ubuntu Linux provides the same functionality that Microsoft Windows XP and
| Microsoft Office provides (web surfing, email, word processing, spreadsheets,
| presentations, etc) on older hardware that would not support or would poorly
| support Windows XP or Microsoft Office (not to mention the resource hogs
| Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Office 2007).
| [...]
| My next two "Hardy Heron" installs will happen in the next few weeks --
| updating the sermon podcast digital recorder computer and a spare loaner
| Pentium III computer that we provide to congregation members or staff who
| need a computer for home use (this loaner computer is identical to my son's
| computer).



Ubuntu MID Edition 8.04

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| Two months after Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was released and almost one month after
| Ubuntu Netbook Remix was first showcased, Ubuntu MID Edition 8.04 has been
| released. This is the newest Canonical product in the Ubuntu family and is
| designed for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs).



Spawn of Ubuntu

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| Ubuntu Linux, based on Debian, is one of those prolific parents that produce
| new offspring on a regular basis. A few new Ubuntu-based distributions have
| converted from other distributions to join the ever-growing Ubuntu family.
| Some of Ubuntu’s offspring have gone on to become multimedia moguls, foreign
| language speakers, Christians, Muslims, and security experts.
| [...]
| It’s difficult to make a choice amongst these three distinctly different
| Desktop distributions because each has its own set of desirable attributes.
| First, Linux Mint has everything its Ubuntu parent has plus its own set of
| proprietary Linux Mint utilities that make it a great choice for those with a
| beginner to moderate level of Linux exposure. Linux Mint is minty fresh with
| a twist.

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