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A Date with Elyssa

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| After dating Cassandra and Daryna, I spend some time with the newest Mint
| girl in town. Elyssa is her name or you can simply call her Mint 5.
| [...]
| With Elyssa, Linux Mint has cemented its place as my top rated distro for
| Linux newbies particularly those who have just migrated from Windows. It is
| so easy to use that you can call it Ubuntu for dummies. Plus, it is filled
| with necessary tools and applications that make desktop computing a breeze.
| All in all, Elyssa is yet another successful release for Mint. No wonder why
| Mint is really on the rise and has now overtaken some of the most popular
| Linux distributions.



Review: Linux Mint 5

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| One of the hallmark Linux distributions for new users that we've been very
| pleased with has been Linux Mint. *As I've said before, it's built on Ubuntu
| and is essentially "Ubuntu done right". *With the introduction of version 5,
| Linux Mint has upped its previous level of perfection (as though they had far
| to go) and created an even better distribution than before.


Damn Small Linux 4.4 Review

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| DSL 4.4 was just released on June 9th, so this past weekend I installed it on
| my Compaq Deskpro Pentium III 800 Mhz machine. It only has 256 megs of RAM,
| so a lightweight distribution like DSL is a good choice for it. Their site
| claims you can run DSL 486 DX with 16 megs of RAM, so even this old Compaq
| should fly with what it’s got.
| [...]
| In conclusion, I think DSL is a cool little distribution. DSL is one of the
| two lightweight distros of choice, the other being Puppy Linux. DSL has the
| advantage in the range of packages available when you consider you can add
| Debian Woody repository to the mix.


Damn Small Linux 4.3

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| As the demands of all operating systems increase, Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a
| refreshing change and worth considering by anyone with an old computer. This
| latest version, 4.2.1, has some updated software and new drivers, while still
| keeping within the 50MB limit. *


Distribution Release: Damn Small Linux 4.3

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| Robert Shingledecker has announced the final release of Damn Small Linux 4.3.
| From the changelog: "Updated Firefox browser to version 2; updated murgaLua
| to *0.6.8; updated nano-tiny to 2.0.7; updated and consolidation of
| mydslBrowser with new mydslBrowser.lua; new picture puzzle added to Games
| collection; new calculator.lua replaces Calcoo; optimized minirt24.gz - much
| smaller; new background and theme for both JWM and Fluxbox; updated 'noicons'
| boot option to suppress icons in JWM; fixed removal of mydsl extensions on
| traditional hard drive installations; dropped SCSI modules for needed space -
| available in the modules section; fixed CD recording scanbus device error by
| adding scsi/sg.o module; updated editor.lua - menu issue resolved for new
| murgaLua version...." * * * * *


Damn Small 4.3: Damn fast, too.

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| DSL keeps its spot as my default option for old hardware. This release didn't
| change that. The team managed to throw in small improvements without
| completely changing the way the standard system works, which I liked *


Damn Small Linux 4.2.4

,----[ Quote ]
| Verdict: An excellent operating system



Review of Damn Small Linux 4.1

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| Damn Small Linux succeeds in accomplishing it's primary goals, being small,
| lightweight, fast, and easy to use. I found myself wishing I had a few slower
| machines around to install DSL for web browsing and music. *


Screenshots Of Damn Small Linux 4.2.

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| On the desktop, you can see the new black/blue theme with "Fractal Movements"
| background.


DSL 4.0: Damn small improvement

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| Damn Small Linux is tiny Linux distribution that John Andrews originally
| created in 2002 to see just how many applications could fit into a 50MB
| system. The project has grown over the years to include many other
| contributors working on hundreds of packages and applications. Last month's
| release of DSL 4.0 brought many updates and changes, yet it remains a
| special-purpose distribution for older hardware because it lacks support for
| many modern features. * * *


Damn Small Linux: operating system

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| As the demands of all operating systems increase, Damn Small Linux
| (DSL) is a refreshing change and worth considering by anyone
| with an old computer.

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