Start-up sues Google over e-mail switching tool

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| Google was named on Monday in a trade secrets lawsuit alleging that the
| company's business software unit copied a tiny start-up's tool for moving
| customers off of Microsoft software onto Google's.
| LimitNone filed a complaint in an Illinois circuit court alleging that Google
| at first began promoting the smaller firm's tool for migrating Microsoft
| Outlook customers to Gmail, then copied the idea and went into competition
| with it.


Innovation comes cheap, says Google engineer Kevin Marks

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| On Friday, amid a frenzy of chatter about open this and open that at FOWA,
| Marks took some time to chat with CNET about OpenSocial on MySpace,
| that wacky Silicon Valley exuberance, and his view that a tough economy won't
| hurt innovation--because the cost of innovation has gone down. *