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Microsoft missing the boat on SOA (service oriented architecture)

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| Microsoft can't seem to figure out what it wants to be anymore. In this day
| and age the company simply can't be all things to all people. It's clear that
| after the Yahoo fiasco, the focus is on the business "user" and the consumer.
| There has been very little in the last year or two that suggest Microsoft is
| taking the enterprise seriously anymore. Even all the noise about Linux has
| stopped.



Red Hat Announces Release of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

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| The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is intended to maximize flexibility in a
| wide array of deployment scenarios from small-scale integration projects to
| enterprise-wide SOA integration. Built from leading open source projects such
| as JBoss ESB, JBoss jBPM and JBoss Rules, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform
| offers a light-weight footprint and simple installation for low-cost
| operations. These leading open source projects bring the following
| capabilities to the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform... Â* Â* Â*


Microsoft’s Hailstorm reappearing in the cloud?

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| Joel calls the creators of these efforts “architecture astronauts.” They
| generate plenty of hype, not only on Microsoft’s part, but across the
| industry in general around this next permutation of Cloud Computing.
| But it’s not the hype that has Joel really ticked off — it’s the fact that a
| whole generation of valuable and highly paid software architects and
| programmers are being sucked up into this vortex, “working on hopeless and
| useless architecture astronomy.”


Why Microsoft's approach to data centers won't work

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| The problem is that each UPS, in the process of "conditioning" the power,
| also creates "harmonics" that bounce back up the supply line and can "crap up
| power for everyone else," Baker said.
| Harmonics is a well-known issue that's been managed in other contexts, so
| Baker isn't saying the problem is unsolvable. But, he argues, the extra
| infrastructure needed to alleviate the harmonics generated by 220 UPSs -- the
| number of containers Microsoft thinks it can fit inside the Chicago data
| center -- could easily negate the potential ROI from using containers.

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