IcedTea: The First 100% Compliant Open-Source Java

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| This week it was announced that the RedHat-initiated IcedTea project, along
| with OpenJDK, has reached 100% compliance with the Java Test Compatibility
| Kit (TCK), officially becoming the first completely open-source
| (GPL-licensed) Java implementation to pass the TCK.

Is Open Source Good for the Java Developer?

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| The open source model is emerging not just as a way to make cheaper software,
| but a way to produce and deliver the next wave of innovation in the software
| industry. As such, open source is stripping commercial software of its
| vestigial tails. Open source vendors, on the other hand, are helping open
| source technologies thrive in places that can’t afford to live on the
| bleeding edge by making them easier to consume.
| Who doesn’t want a lot more access to highly innovative best-of-breed
| software that’s fun and easy to use?


JVM-Based Languages Grow In Popularity

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| A growing number of languages are thus being written for the JVM. Four of the
| most popular are distributed under an open-source license. Given that Java is
| now open source, this means that you have a fully open-source stack to work
| with--one that's also portable. Because these languages are implemented on
| top of the JVM, they also have access to standard Java classes and libraries.
| This means that if a third-party product includes connectivity routines in
| Java, but you prefer to work in Python, you can use Jython and access the
| Java libraries from within your program.

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'Java Is finally Free and Open'

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| The Java Test Compatibility Toolkit is quite the comprehensive test suite,
| consisting of over 1 million lines of source code, which tests if a Java
| implementation conforms to Java specifications. Passing the test ensures your
| implementation is proper Java.
| This means Java is now 100% Free Software.


Open Source Java Technology Debuts In GNU/Linux Distributions

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| Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA), Canonical Ltd. and Red Hat, Inc.
| (NYSE: RHT), today announced the inclusion of OpenJDK-based
| ( implementations in Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.04 Long
| Term Support (LTS) Server and Desktop editions, furthering the promise of
| Sun's open source Java technology initiative.