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Looking for a nice KDE distribution? Try Mandriva 2008 Spring

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| I remembered I had used Mandriva years ago. I downloaded the free edition of
| Mandriva 2008 Spring and burnt it to a DVD.
| I ran the LiveCD and I must say I was impressed.
| Mandriva 2008 Spring is:
| * fast
| * very aethetically pleasant
| * fonts are rendered correctly
| * Compiz Fusion works at once (with NVidia card detected correctly)!
| * software choice is great
| * all hardware detected properly
| * Mandriva definitely feels fast


Try reading the points above with Windows ME2 ("Vista") in mind

Choosing a Linux distro

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| As all of you might be knowing that distro is a short name for Linux
| Distributions, here I list many distros which have gained a lot ground of
| late and can be truly called desktop OS. Some information are also appended
| along with them so that you can make a nice decision. All comments,suggestion
| and feedback are welcome.



Why Many Projects Is Better Than Just a Few

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| I kept reading opinions regarding the big number of Linux distributions out
| there, most of them saying that we have a huge number of distros, each one
| with its own package management system, keeping Linux divided. Most of them
| suggest only a few such projects, and that all developers should unite in
| order to produce a 'universal' solution to this. A comparison with MS Windows
| is always brought in as an argument. Of course, every person with its own
| opinion, but why do I think a big number of projects is the way to go?
| Well, in the first place, I think a 'universal' distribution is not quite
| possible. There will always be persons who will want to have their own
| project and eventually start it from scratch instead of contributing to an
| already solid one. Not to mention that Linux itself was born from such a
| project, and examples of projects which started the same way as the Linux
| kernel are countless.
| Since free-software as promoted by the FSF is all about freedom and free
| choice, the developers are free to choose their own way of programming and
| building projects.

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