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Oracle increases prices 15 to 20 percent: The joys of pricing power

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| He may be right, but then, why is Oracle beating on the Unbreakable Linux
| drum (somewhat feebly these days, to be sure)? Oracle wants everything in the
| software stack to be cheap...except for its own software. This isn't a
| criticism, but it's telling that Oracle started slapping Red Hat around when
| it couldn't get the Linux vendor to drop the price of RHEL to make Oracle
| database prices appear lower.
| It will be interesting to see if Oracle buys into various parts of the
| software stack in order to effectively drop the price for its databases,
| applications, etc. Make the infrastructure free so that everything else
| Oracle sells...is not. Anyone surprised as to why Red Hat wasn't jumping up
| and down with glee at this prospect?



IBM's EnterpriseDB stake: not what you think

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| Ergo, this deal is IBM dipping its feet gingerly into a back door challenge
| to Oracle, not MySQL. Ever since IBM held back on its own SQL database
| invention, allowing Oracle to grab leadership of the market, it has always
| responded by making DB2 cheaper. But it still plays second banana. Investing
| a modest chunk in EnterpriseDB is a way of having somebody else test drive a
| new strategy for carving a wedge inside the Oracle market, something that IBM
| has hungered for going back at least 20 years. * * *

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