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[Linux gamers rejoice.]

Sauerbraten CTF Edition

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| Formerly known as Cube, Sauerbraten is an open-source first person shooter
| game built upon the Cube engine that has been entertaining gamers for years.
| Sauerbraten has come along way when it comes to advanced rendering features,
| maps / game-play modes, and other features, with a sign of these improvements
| being the Sauerbraten 2008-06-17 CTF Edition release. As implied by its name,
| this most recent release of Sauerbraten introduces a capture the flag
| game-mode.



Sacred: Gold Enters Beta On Linux

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| In addition to game updates for Savage 2 and Sauerbraten last week, also
| released was the first beta of Sacred: Gold for Linux. However, unlike the
| other games, Sacred: Gold is limited to the beta testers within Linux Game
| Publishing's closed program.


Heroes of Might and Magic 5 on Linux with Wine!

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| Installing
| Insert the Heroes V disc and direct to it in a terminal. Start installing by
| typing wine Setup.exe.


Last week:

42 of the Best Commercial Linux Games

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| Are there many high quality commercial games available for Linux? That's one
| of the frequently asked questions we receive in our mailbox every week.
| It is true to say that the number of commercial games released for Linux each
| year remains small compared to other platforms. Nevertheless, we faced lots
| of difficult choices compiling a list of 42 of the best commercial Linux
| games. The selection we have finally chosen covers a wide range of different
| game genres, so hopefully there will be something here that will interest
| all.
| To be eligible for inclusion in this list each game needed to be:
| * Released under a proprietary license with a fee required either to purchase
| * the game, or a monthly charge
| * Not require Wine to run. Wine is a compatibility layer for running Windows
| * software


10 Best Windows Games That Can Be Played on Linux

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| A program called Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) allows Unix-like computer
| operating systems on the x86 architecture to execute programs written for
| Microsoft Windows. Wine also provides a software library known as Winelib
| which developers can compile Windows applications alongside to help port them
| to Unix-like systems.
| I have picked 10 of the most popular Windows-only games that are now playable
| in Linux for the hardcore gamers and for those who have just migrated to
| Linux and are missing these exciting games...


Wine 1.0 Review

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| As a conclusion: for those who really need Windows applications, Wine is a
| very good solution. The official website includes an applications database,
| with testing results for each of them and how well they perform.


Wine 1.0

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| The Wine team is proud to announce that Wine 1.0 is now available.
| This is the first stable release of Wine after 15 years of development
| and beta testing. Many thanks to everybody who helped us along that
| long road!



The making of Wine (how to make Windows apps merrier with Linux)

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| Enterprises badly want alternatives to
| Windows. Desktop Linux has come a long way since 1999, too. and (who knew?)
| the Mac has become the ultra chic, must-have PC. The enterprise has its
| alternatives - if it can only get those mission critical Windows apps to work
| flawlessly. Wine, in its commercial form, has been doing so for years.
| So, in 2008, the 1.0 version will hit the streets and the timing could not be
| more perfect. White admits that not every Windows application will work
| flawlessly on Wine, but many a critical one for the enterprise has been
| specifically optimized.

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