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Tinkerer’s Toy

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| The Chumby is Internet-connected, runs on Linux software and is extremely
| hackable. In other words, it is a thoroughly open-source device.
| But alpha geeks are a small customer base, and Chumby Industries is betting
| that those early, tinker-mad consumers will transform its product into
| something more compelling to the rest of us. Chumby falls into the emerging
| category of “ambient” devices: instead of presenting information or
| entertainment in response to the endless searching and clicking of the Web,
| these devices serve it up without your lifting a finger. (Other examples
| include the rabbit-shaped Nabaztag, which delivers information aloud, or by
| flashing colors, and the Ambient Orb, which translates information about
| traffic data and so on into a variable glow.) In short, the Chumby model
| attracts people who crave actively creating something that will be enjoyed
| passively.



NY Times readers give thumbs down to Silverlight

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| While the Mac version provides better searching than its Windows sibling
| (with full text searching over seven days rather then one day of headlines,
| bylines and article summaries), text flow is not supported so the view is
| restricted to four pre-set window sizes, and copy and paste are not
| accessible.



Microsoft Delivers Major Piece of Nothing; NYT Does It Up Front Page

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| Please. This story is more appropriate for placement in the Times’ Bits blog,
| if its to be presented anywhere in the folds of the publication. Markoff’s
| efforts in reporting the latest news in the tech industry would’ve been
| better spent on another item.


Windows Live Installer Thingy Coming This Week

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| The NYT calls this a Netscape-level event, meaning it may be as significant
| as when Microsoft released the first version of Internet Explorer in 1995 and
| eventually brought Netscape to its knees. “The empire is preparing to strike
| back — again” writes John Markoff.
| That seems like a bit of a stretch to me. The important new web services are
| all browser based, and Microsoft has no competitive advantage over offerings
| from Google, Yahoo, AOL and thousands of new web startups all trying to move
| users from away from the desktop.


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