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Fight the Canadian DMCA!

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| On Wednesday, Industry Minister Jim Prentice introduced a bill that
| BoingBoing's Cory Doctorow described as making it "flatly illegal to break
| any kind of digital lock, or to violate terms in one of those absurd end-user
| license agreements that make you promise to agree to let the record industry
| kick your teeth in and drink all your beer, just for the dubious privilege of
| paying for a song at iTunes or watching a video on Viacom's website.



RIAA Hopes New Judge will Nab Sharers

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| Rather that directing the lawsuit at the same defendants as before, the RIAA
| directed it at John Doe (a defendant to be identified later), therefore
| obtaining a new judge ... who may not be so strict about the "making
| available" clauses.
| Nice move, RIAA.


Canada Warming Up Its Own DMCA

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| Bill C-61 is essentially a series of amendments to the Copyright Act that
| would ratify the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright
| Treaty, which the DMCA did for the USA in 1996.


Microsoft Misleads on Copyright Reform

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| The Hill Times this week includes an astonishingly misleading and factually
| incorrect article on Canadian copyright written by Microsoft.


Canada moots tough sanctions for DRM flouters

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| The Canadian government today unveiled a controversial proposal to update the
| country's copyright laws.
| [...]
| It's a somewhat confusing solution that government officials behind the bill
| call a "balanced approach to truly benefit Canadians".


Red Hat founder speaks against Canada's copyright reform

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| Lulu Inc. CEO Bob Young is a major voice in the open source software
| industry, but according to him the entire community has been unjustifiably
| ignored throughout the Canadian government's copyright reform initiatives.
| Last year, the Conservative government vowed to adopt copyright laws which
| would make it illegal to modify or remove any device or software fitted with
| a technical protection measures (TPMs). After months of hearsay and numerous
| delays, the buzz on Parliament Hill now suggests a proposed copyright bill
| from Industry Minister Jim Prentice is imminent.
| In the wake of these rumors -- which many industry activists have begun
| referring to as the Canadian version of the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright
| Act (DMCA) -- a new open source software alliance has added their name to the
| lengthy list of opposition to the Industry Minister's soon-to-be-unveiled
| legislation.

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