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ARM9 board boots Debian in 0.69 seconds

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| Technologic Systems has upgraded the firmware for its quick-booting
| single-board computer (SBC) to make it boot even quicker. Equipped with a
| Marvell 500Mhz ARM9 CPU running Debian Sarge, the TS-7800 can boot Linux
| 2.6.21 from NAND flash in 0.69 seconds, claims Technologic.


Mentioned as a press release the other day:

Linux distro targets mobile SoC

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| The optimization brings the total number of Freescale processors supported by
| MontaVista distributions to ten, says the company.



Touchpanel PC boots Linux in two seconds

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| Technologic Systems is readying a rugged WVGA touchpanel PC based on a
| fast-booting ARM9-based single board computer (SBC). The TS-TPC-7390 Touch
| Panel Computer incorporates the Debian Linux-based TS-7390 SBC, which is
| equipped with a 200MHz ARM9 CPU from Cirrus and a Lattice FPGA
| (field-programmable gate array).


Splashtop Linux conquers Asus laptops

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| It's a small step for an operating system, perhaps, but it could be another
| giant leap for Linux. DeviceVM has announced that its Splashtop 'instant-on'
| Linux is to appear on Asus laptops from this summer.
| The news follows the DeviceVM's recent coup of persuading the influential
| Taiwanese PC company to embed Splashtop - which Asus calls 'Express Gate' -
| on all its motherboards, out of the blue putting a type of Linux in millions
| of mainstream computers for the first time.


Quick-boot Linux environment makes a splash

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| Asus says it plans to ship over a million Splashtop-ready motherboards per
| month, making this one of the largest Linux deployments ever.


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