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Dutch launch open-source smart card software project

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| A Dutch charity is funding an open-source project to design smart card
| software that offers stronger protection of personal data in light of
| security vulnerabilities found with cards used today in the U.S., U.K. and
| Netherlands.
| NLnet Foundation will give €150,000 ($234,000) to Radboud University in
| Nijmegen, Netherlands, for the project, which will run through 2010, said
| Valer Mischenko, the foundation's general director.


They also support ODF and KDE.


NLnet Gives KOffice a New Logo and Sponsors ODF development

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| The Dutch NLnet foundation aims to financially support organisations and
| people that contribute to an open information society. Some time ago they
| decided to help KOffice in two exciting ways: to sponsor the design of a new
| logo for KOffice, with matching logo designs for all KOffice applications,
| and to sponsor Girish Ramakrishnan to improve the ODF support in KWord 2.0.
| The KOffice team is deeply grateful to NLnet for this support! * * *


BE, NL: governments will not use ISO OOXML

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| Asked to comment on last week's ISO approval for OOXML, Fedict's chief IT
| architect, Peter Strickx, said: "There will have to be multiple
| implementations, in order for us not to become dependent on a single vendor.
| It will also have to be compatible with open standards that we already use,
| in this case Open Document Format ODF." * *

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