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Gutsy Geeks take Linux to the airwaves

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| Linux has its own radio show in Phoenix. Hosted by "the distro dorks
| themselves," and syndicated nationally, the "Gutsy Geeks" show aims to
| promote and teach Linux to newcomers while also providing tips to
| intermediate-level Linux users.



Collaborative Radio Shows Invite Listeners into Creative Process

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| Greta Pemberton, the Blogger in Chief for Open Source, told me
| the show averaged about 150,000 listeners on-air per week and
| 150,000 downloads of its podcast per month.


Digipup: A Linux live CD for amateur radio

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| With Digipup, you can verify compatibility with your amateur radio
| rig, your logs, and your inner nature without going to the trouble
| of installing a Linux distribution to do so. Just plop Digipup in
| your CD drive, boot the system, and there you are.


An adventure in Iraqi freedom with Streamtime and FLOSS

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| Van der Spek wanted to create hundreds of small radio stations by
| turning workstations into Internet broadcasting machines using Dyne:bolic,
| a live Linux CD optimized with all the necessary digital media software.
| Dyne:bolic runs on almost any kind of Intel hardware and doesn't need to
| be installed on the hard drive. Because it runs in RAM, it leaves no
| permanent trace of its presence on the workstation, making it safe for use
| by those in occupied territories who might risk prosecution if authorities
| discovered a rogue radio broadcast.


Linux-based Audiobot Pro broadcasts your own radio station

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| The aptly-named Audiobot Pro is a Linux-based device which enables
| customers to "distribute audio to radio stations and music venues."
| Made for those who adore simplicity, you simply connect up an audio
| source and it "automatically records, formats, and uploads MP3
| recordings to any website."


Radio Open Source Gets $250K MacArthur Grant

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| Speaking of funding for public broadcasting, yesterday the Public
| Radio International show Radio Open Source announced it's received
| a $250,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur
| Foundation "in support of the innovative use of Internet-based
| tools in the production of a daily public radio program."


KRUU, open source radio

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| Amongst other things, it seems, he meant that KRUU has made a
| commitment to use only Open Source software. As KRUU founder
| Roland Wells explained on Open Views, all KRUU's PCs run on the
| GNU/Linux operating system, and the audio editing tools (Ardour
| and Audacity) used by DJs at the station are also Open Source.


Open Source Radio is A Sound Salvation

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| The song sharply criticizes the commercialization of mainstream
| radio ("They;re saying things that I can hardly believe") and one
| can only imagine the shock NBC executives experienced that night
| considering their radio station was the very sort Costello
| condemned. Performing "Radio Radio" without warning at SNL got
| Costello banned from the show for 12 years.
| [...]
| But new media and technology is finally reversing the trend of putting
| "the radio in the hands of such a lot of fools tryin' to anaesthetize
| the way that you feel," as Costello would put it.


Open source Campcaster empowers independent radio broadcasters


Radio goes the open source route


Linux radio suite powers independent broadcasters


Open Source Software [on the radio]

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| Open source software is built on the idea of cooperation: it's distributed
| for free, with code made available for everyone to improve. But there's
| debate about the future of this collaborative enterprise, with some players *
| making deals with IT giants like Microsoft. We look at an industry at a
| crossroads and the evolving relationship between transparency and profit in
| software. * *

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