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Red Hat and the Linux Desktop 2008

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| Don’t think for a moment that Red Hat isn’t working on desktop Linux
| technologies. In a Red Hat Summit panel, Red Hat’s Jonathan Blandford, GNOME
| guru and Red Hat Labs engineer, got down and dirty with what Red Hat is doing
| to clean and speed up the desktop Linux boot experience with Plymouth; work
| on better audio performance in PulseAudio, and dramatically improving
| dual-monitor support.
| You won’t see these features listed in a consumer Red Hat Linux desktop. You
| will, if you pay close attention, see these features incorporated into Fedora
| as well as the ‘brand name’ Linux desktops such as Ubuntu and openSUSE. Red
| Hat’s main role in the Linux desktop will be in improving the over all
| desktop experience, not selling a standalone Linux desktop.


Rumor: Red Hat and Oracle getting busy?


Update on this:

'I've since heard a bit more about this. There's not an acquisition in the
works, but Oracle is apparently pushing for some sort of partnership that
would bring down the price of RHEL. Oracle doesn't have much of a salesforce
pushing "Unbreakable" and it shows. It wants to ride RHEL's coattails but also
wants RHEL to be even cheaper...so that no one will notice that it keeps
raising its prices.

'So, there's substance to the rumors. But will Oracle have the humility to give
some value to Red Hat? The jury is still out....'


OpenReferent - a New Open Source Challenge to Microsoft Desktop Software

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| Mr Pogodin, Deputy General Director of Post of Russia, said: "Post of Russia,
| which has 42,000 post offices through out the country, can significantly
| lower the cost of ownership of the Information System." Post of Russia is one
| of the first customers that signed up to evaluate themove from Microsoft
| based desktops to OpenReferent solution. * *
| [...]
| Open Referent is based on the recently announced IBM Lotus Open Collaboration
| Client Solution with Red Hat.
| Business partners classified as Red Hat Advanced Business Partners and
| Lotus-authorized IBM Business Partners may sell the Red Hat and IBM Lotus
| products globally with a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, and may
| additionally offer a six-month Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop trial. * *

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