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The Next Million Mozillians

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| Last week, David Eaves blogged about the potential for Mozilla to energize --
| and maybe even lead -- a mass movement for the open web. My response: hear!
| hear! More thinking, experimenting, conversing, inventing, definitionizing,
| evangelizing, politicking, standard-making and party-throwing in the name of
| the open web is very much needed. And Mozilla is certainly well situated to
| stir this pot.


The Best Firefox Feature You'll Overlook

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| So Mozilla worked hard to give developers the tools to make the software
| accessible in their own languages, Lilly says. "The essence of the Web is
| engagement, interaction, and making it yours. It's ridiculous for us to
| expect people to do that if the software is not in their own language," Lilly
| says. "I'm prouder of that than any other single feature."


Why Firefox Matters

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| If you use the Web for a living you're probably enjoying your shiny new toy
| already: the official release of Firefox 3. The team at Mozilla, the group
| behind the free Firefox Web browser, is gunning to set a record for most
| downloads in a 24-hour period.


Still beating its proprietary competition...

Browser bruiser: Opera 9.5 versus Firefox 3

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| Firefox, of course, has its plug-ins, and that level of user innovation and
| customization built on an open-source foundation clearly has been a winning
| combo for Mozilla. Many of the newest features in Opera 9.5, like the ability
| to see if a password works before saving it, are also part of Firefox 3.
| Pausable downloads, session management, and searchable bookmarks are also
| available in both.
| Choosing between these two alternative has more to do with personal
| preference and browsing style than either one sporting a killer feature. With
| Mozilla claiming more than 20 percent of the browser market between Firefox 2
| and 3, though, it's obvious there's only one alterna-juggernaut.



My first day with Firefox 3

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| Overall, I’d say that if you like Firefox 2 you want to upgrade to Firefox 3
| pretty quickly. That’s rare praise. Great job, guys.

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