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Microsoft answers interoperability concerns

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| There has been some concern that GPL implementations of material covered by
| Microsoft's Open Specification Promise are prohibited. Microsoft could
| resolve this with a clear statement that GPL implementations are OK. Why
| hasn't it?
| [...]
| Microsoft made it clear last year that it wanted to encumber the open source
| communities with patent royalties. Do you expect that Microsoft sponsored
| standards will tend to be covered by Microsoft patents? CNN's senior editor
| said: "If the company gets its way, free software won't be free anymore." is
| this an accurate claim?


Microsoft Responds to Interoperability Concerns

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| He also gives a painfully polished response to CNN's senior editor's claims
| that the company is trying to eliminate free software.Typical Microsoft PR
| response to tough questions, but interesting nonetheless....


Microsoft, DOJ issue status report on interoperability compliance

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| Also, 49 companies have licensed patents for the communications protocols
| since the final judgment, with 36 of the companies signing aboard for a
| royalty bearing license.
| [...]
| To date the interoperability labs, which are offered free to MCPP licensees
| at its Microsoft Engineering Center, Microsoft completed an interoperability
| lab with one licensee in March and another in May.


The criminals from Redmond still try to rewrite laws and buy some laws to
illegalise competition. The Commission (and now China too) is hopefully
watching this corruption.


Feeling the heat at Microsoft

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| A couple of years ago you reiterated that IBM was Microsoft's biggest
| competitor and you said not just on the business side, but overall. If I ask
| you who is Microsoft's biggest competitor now, who would it be? *
| Ballmer: Open...Linux. I don't want to say open source. Linux, certainly have
| to go with that.

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