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AMD Catalyst 8.6 Linux Driver

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| In AMD's usual fashion, this afternoon they have announced the release of new
| display drivers for both Linux and Windows. The Catalyst 8.6 release for
| Linux introduces a few bug fixes, version 2.0 of their driver installation
| API, and a few unannounced features are present. As always, we have the
| run-down for you on this month's changes.


Big news from AMD (ATI) coming soon. It's looking very bright for the Free
desktop as the future.


Nvidia CEO details his beef with Intel

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| Huang has spoken forthrightly in the last few months about Intel. The obvious
| question is why.
| "People thought that I had lost some of my patience with Intel recently. The
| fact of the matter is that they're out spouting things that are just not
| true. And I was just correcting that," he said.
| "Intel is a big, powerful company," I noted to Huang. "And there aren't many
| people like you in the industry, who are so blunt about Intel."
| His reaction: "Because they are Intel. Because they are a monopoly. Because
| they are a market-dominant player. They ought to be held to a higher
| standard. They shouldn't be able to say that other peoples' businesses are
| going to die."
| Huang, here, is referring to a statement by an Intel executive who recently
| said current graphics technology (sometimes referred to generally as
| rasterization) will be replaced by another kind of graphics technology
| (sometimes referred to as ray tracing), on which Intel is working.


AMD cries foul over Intel's 'river of cash' flowing to Dell

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| AMD's charges against Intel center on what we're calling Brokeback Syndrome.
| Intel's lucrative pricing, co-marketing and financial incentives, we're told,
| made it near impossible for customers to quit the chip vendor. Intel unfairly
| coerced server and PC makers into having Intel-only stances and into pulling
| back on AMD-based product plans, AMD alleges.
| [...]
| Most of the juicy documents in the case are heavily redacted. We know AMD's
| claims cover Intel's relationships with companies such as HP, IBM, Dell,
| Acer, Gateway, Supermicro and others. But we really don't have much in the
| way of evidence - e-mails, interviews and the like - to back up the claims of
| improper relationships.
| [...]
| "The evidence also supports AMD's claim that Intel paid IBM to delay and then
| to refrain from branding or marketing its AMD blade server."
| Later, AMD goes on the charge about Dell. It describes Intel's position that
| Dell's Intel-only stance had nothing to do with discounts as "nonsense" and
| then claims that a "river of cash" flowed to Dell from Intel.

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